Tuesday 16 Oct 2018

Discipline Plan for Mrs. Ruby’s Classroom

Classroom Procedures


1.  Have all materials for class and be sitting in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
2.  The computers are for school assignments only.  Use the computers appropriately
- Never rough house or have food near the computers.
- No games, chatting, or music.  These are school rules and will result in the loss of your
computer account immediately.
- Don’t ever play with someone else’s computer – i.e. Turning it off, changing settings etc.
**IF a student loses their computer privileges, they will still be required to
complete all assignments.  One computer will be available for them to use in my classroom.  It will not be networked, but will allow the student to get a basic assignment completed.
3.  Listen and follow directions the first time.  If you don’t understand, it is your responsibility to raise your hand and ask for help.
4.  Respect others beliefs and opinions.  No name-calling or foul language.
5.  Do not disrupt the class.  Raise your hand if you have a question.  Please do not interrupt while the teacher or another student is speaking.


If You Choose to Ignore the Procedures

1st Time – Verbal Warning
2nd Time – Preferential seating & Call home to parents
3rd Time – Discipline Referral to Office and Lunch Detention
**If disruptive behavior continues, Friday School may be assigned

***Severe Disruption:  Student will be sent to the Office immediately.

 Late Assignments

All assignments will have a due date – make sure you turn in your work on time.
Zeros are NOT allowed.  All assignments will be completed.
If the assignment is turned in a day late, 10 points will be deducted.
Two days late, another 10 points will be deducted.
Three days late, another 10 points (30 in all) will be deducted.
Missing assignments may be completed before/after school or during Friday Study Halls.
*If you are ill and have an excused absence, the district rules will be followed for make-up work.


STUDENT:  I have read this classroom discipline plan and understand it.  I will honor it in Mrs. Ruby’s room.

Signature:  _______________________________________            Date: ________________________


PARENTS:  My child has discussed the discipline plan with me. 
Signature:  _______________________________________            Date: ________________________