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August 19, 2013


Dear Parents:


Welcome to the 2013/14 school year!  This is my 7th year as the business teacher at Shoshone High School and I am excited to have your student in my class.  I’d like to make sure that we get off to a great start, so I’ve made a list of items that will ensure your child is successful in my classes.


1.  My goal in all of my classes is to get your student ready for the realMy classes are very hands-on.  Yes, I will have to lecture as we learn new concepts, but from then on, the students are working, just like they would at a real job.  I will try to keep the atmosphere in the classroom pleasant, but also business like.


My local Business Advisory Board tells me that the areas our students’ need the most help with before they enter the workforce are with workplace ethics and behaviors.  So this year, I will really stress these skills including:


            Putting in a full day’s work                                 Quality workmanship

            Ethics (cheating and lying)                                 Motivation

            Communicating properly with leaders and co-workers


2.  Weekly lessons (aligned curriculum) will be posted on our Shoshone website thisStudents will be able to find daily assignments through Edmodo.  This way, if they are ever ill, they can check to see what they missed that day.  To find the weekly schedule for my classes, go to, click on SCHOOLS (Middle/iHHigh School) and on the right side – near the bottom, you will see Staff Pages.  Click on Mrs. Ruby and look for your student’s business class.


3.  The attached Classroom Procedure Sheet illustrates my procedures for keeping the classroom a safe and positive learning environment. This can also be found on My Staff Page for future reference. Please make a special note of the Disciple Plan and the Late Assignment Rules.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I hope that as you visit the school, you will stop in and introduce yourself.  I check my email often, so if you would like to email me about concerns or would like updates on your student, just let me know.


Here’s to a great year!


Kristine Ruby

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