Sunday 23 Oct 2016

Shoshone Elementary School
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Emily Nelsen, Principal
Wendy Auker, Administrative Assistant


Scholastic Book Fair

bfOur annual Scholastic Book Fair will be held October 24-27 in our library.  Students will have the opportunity to view and purchase books during their regular library time or before and after school.  Parents can also purchase books before or after school and during parent-teacher conferences.  Books make wonderful presents, so be sure and stop by our book fair when you come in for your child’s conference.  If you can’t make it to our book fair but would like to purchase books you can do so by going to 

Volunteers are needed to help with our book fair.  If you have time and would like to help please call our librarian, Mrs. Owens, at 886-2381 ext. 345.

A Parents' Guide to Success

ssA Parents’ Guide to Student Success”, is a document which will help you understand what your child is learning this year, and also give you ideas of ways to help them at home.  These guides are written for each grade level, so if you have more than one child please look for each different grade level guide.  The State of Idaho and Shoshone Elementary are highly committed to teaching the Idaho Common Core Standards.  We believe these standards are designed to ensure each child will be prepared for success in college and workforce.  Click here to view "A Parents' Guide to Student Success".

"I Can" Common Core!

ccHave you ever wondered what those Common Core Standards REALLY mean to students What are they going to need to know to be proficient?  Check these documents out! These are GREAT documents for TEACHERS, PARENTS, and even STUDENTS!


Read more: "I Can"  Common Core!

Box Tops for Education



Save those Box Tops!