Tuesday 16 Jan 2018

Halloween Costume Winners

We enjoyed all the creepy, creative, funny, and original Halloween costumes this year.  Students enjoyed parading through the middle school and high school halls in their costumes.  It was very hard for our team of six judges to pick winners for each of the categories.  The following students received a bag of treats for their awesome costumes:

Grades K-2

Funniest                Jaxon Graybill/Shaggy from Scooby Do

Cutest                   Evelyn Krap/Little Purple Witch     

Creepiest              Vanessa Klucken/Zombie Bride

Most Original         Lucy Haddock/Pippi Long Stockings

Best Homemade   Sheldon Ethridge/Sotrm Trooper

Best Overall          William Zarate/Mummy


Grades 3-5

Funniest                Willis Wadsworth/Rodeo Queen            

Creepiest              Jalen Grengs/Werewolf

Most Original         Juan Colis/Stoplight

Best Homemade   Elena Michel Baeza/Dutch Brothers Coffee Cup

Best Overall          Mylee Heath and Rylee Haynes/Shining Twins


Congratulations, Students!

Shoshone Elementary School is proud of ALL their students for their hard work during Quarter 1.  A special "congratulations" goes out to all of our Quarter 1 award winners.  Click here to see the list.