Saturday 16 Dec 2017


Shoshone Elementary School had a GREAT Halloween celebration!  Check out the winners!


Shoshone Elementary School Staff

Front Row:  Mrs. Owens (Indiana Jones), Mrs. Aoi (Box of Crayons), Mrs. Hoehn (Just Chillin),

Ms. Smith (T.V. Screen with Netflix), Mrs. Huyser (Pumpkin)

Back Row:  Mrs. Christiansen (Viola Swamp), Mrs. Nelson, (Monopoly Dude), Mrs. Stowell, Mrs. Barron (Messy Housewife), Lonettte Luper (Waldo), Mrs. Torkelson (Skateboard Dude),

Ms. Martarano (Thing 2), Ms. Longchamps (Thinkg 1), Mrs. Wendy (Scarecrow)

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Winners

Mrs. Nelson (Monoply Dude), Mikel Adric (Elvis), McKenzie Posey (Witch), 

Juan Colis (Washing Machine), Taylor Christiansen (Old Lady), Scotlynn Martin (Woohoo),

Brandon Moales (Dracula), Mrs. Wendy (Scarecrow)

Grade 3 - Grade 5 Winners


Mrs. Nelson (Monopoly Dude), Damian Lara (Nerd), Brandon Martin (Grinch),

Alicia Adric (Old Lady), Marisol Montano (Zombie), Skyler Naylor (Fox),

Gracie Cheney (Gold Fish), Mrs. Wendy (Scarecrow)

Best Homemade Costumes

Mackenzie Posie and Gracie Cheney
Best Overall Costume Winners
Alicia Adric and Juan Colis
Cutest Costume Winners
Scotlynn Martin and Skyler Naylor
Funniest Costume Winners
Braden Martin and Taylor Christiansen
Most Original Costume Winners
Mikel Adris and Damian Lara
Scariest / Creepiest Winners
Marisol Montano and Brandon Morales

Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Wendy


Thing One and Thing Two
Ms. Longchamps (Kindergarten Teacher) and Ms. Martarano (Kindergarten Teacher)